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Rihanna makes ‘Star Trek Beyond’ anticipation even more spontaneous with roaring hit "Sledgehammer"


If you thought Justin Lin’s mega trailer for the new installment of Star Trek was mind-boggling enough, then pop queen Rihanna’s fresh hit for the film will make it even more astonishing. It is quite fascinating to see such an idol have a pounding track featured in such a enthralling yet geekish-genre film, but maybe that’s an adventure on its own.

This wouldn’t be the first time RiRi had stumbled herself upon the movie arena. More specifically, she seems to have a passion for the science action niche, featuring the 2012 action-pact and award-winning film ‘Battleship’, featuring in the upcoming 2017 film ‘Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets’, even the 2015 animated film ‘Home’ that is science fiction-pact with Rihanna as they protagonist while attempting hide from the hive-minded alien race that have conquered the Earth. But doesn’t such a compelling muse suitably fit the title of her big fanbase, Rihanna Navy.

Now as for this stunning ballad, don’t even think of relating its elegance to Fifth Harmony’s 2015 “Sledgehammer”. In Rihanna’s “Sledgehammer”, we seen RiRi’s muse for science fiction even more vividly. The track is quite stellar; a similar vocal production of Sia, but with Rihanna’s mainstream pop sound. It soars through the hook with soulful pianos and bassline, before hitting the angelic and harmonic chorus that echoes her unique voice.

Of course this gives the Rihanna Navy some more hype for 2016, as she took the world by storm earlier this year with her RIAA certified platitum eighth studio album, Anti. And it surely wouldn’t be surprising if Star Treks Beyond sees a tremendous amount of ticket sales at the box office. They’ll have the pop queen to thank for that!

Updated — July 1st, 2016

Her intergalactic visual was the first music video to premier in IMAX theaters. High-powered by special FX to illustrate alien territory, Rihanna seems to be depicted as a mysterious life form herself, wrapped around in a copper-orange robe with tatted symbols on her face.

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