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Another precious stony single, "Wherever I Go", pulled from OneRepublic’s treasure chest of melodies


Ryan Tedder, leading member and genuine genius of Onerepublic, doesn’t really explain the melodious vessel in the heart of the band’s musical appeal. They are rather a self-proclaimed “genreless” collective. Presented however is their desire to hook their beloved audience members onstage creating the one-in-the-lifetime experience with the performing group. It makes known their hype in keeping their listeners and music so closely interconnected.
The Beatles and U2 are believed to be the two major influences of OneRepublic in spite of expressing that distinct sound of anecdotal rhythm.  An array of classic guitar clashed with thundering drums spawns splendid creations like, “Good Life” and “Counting Stars” making the chief ingredient a chorus of voices in harmony. What brings to life their popularized videos are a surrounding nineties dance culture as the boys prance to the beats and play with the gestures that carry their built-in persona. After all, to communicate a stellar image is to have ‘All the right moves’. OneRepublic though is less dependent on diction and metaphors focusing mainly on narrating their own lives and common life misfortunes. Tedder and the crew willingly pinpoint their flaws, accepting how empty and complicated all of it can be. Take “Apologize” along with “Fear” and “Goodbye, Apathy”, the tracks made heavily out of lyrical somber illustrating the unsettling consequences of misplaced hope, the kind that is once lost and soon then becomes unrealistic. Perhaps one’s failures can be the mother of invention. It’s all personal. On the bright side, to see success from a reoccurring formula that’s so unpredictable yet catchy is as impressive as being named a one hit wonder.

Now as for this new release….

OneRepublic has constructed monumental works throughout the past years with staggering albums, Native and Waking Up. “Wherever I go” seems to support that entirely. The squad’s lead single off the band’s upcoming fourth album is already scheduled to go mainstream on pop radio on May 24. It didn’t take long for this single to be the subject everyone is now talking about. Ryan Tedder himself, even explains in an interview with Wonderland that, ““I think it’s gonna be shocking, kind of the first response anyone has is their eyes are kind of spread open like ‘Oh my god’. It’s not indicative of the entire album”. His words holds truth in that the eyes of the listeners will shine when more of their latest releases unfold. Until then, we better take the time to enjoy what they have accomplished and what’s about to air shortly.


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